Five Lies Told By Bush To Start a War

The Truth About His Iraq Fraud & Murders

All of these and many other lies by Bush, and the language of the law, are factually documented in great detail in the public domain and also within the book, Proof of Guilt. According to the specific language of that U.S. law, if it can be proven that a President purposely told lies to initiate a war that killed people in a particular country, and the people in that country in turn predictably killed the American attackers in self defense, then those deliberate lies clearly demonstrate criminal intent by America. The subsequent killing of over 4,000 American soldiers legally constitutes the crime of their murder by President Bush (see chapter 1).

  1. 1 How Bush planned his Iraq war 4 years in advance, in 1999, and knew then that Iraq had no WMD, or any intent to attack; that was just a lie, a pre-planned false pretext for an attack.
  2. 2 Bush's own 2003 admission that what he had said, pre-war, about the deadly threat from Iraq was a deliberate fraud; 18 months of saying it without any evidence was no accident!
  3. 3 The deliberately falsified intelligence report Bush sent to Tony Blair pre-war that, had it not been falsified, British intelligence said "we would never have gone to war" (nor could have the US).
  4. 4 The unconscionable falsification, by his own admission, that Bush swore to Congress was true the day before his Iraq attack; that illegally allowed him to attack the very next day.
  5. 5 The widely ignored UN agency announcement two weeks before Bush's attack & after months of investigation that absolutely none of Bush's falsely claimed Iraqi weapons actually existed.

Introduction – Prelude to a Catastrophe

On March 20, 2003, G.W. Bush began the worst crime in American history: Bush attacked Iraq. For 4 years he would lead us, the people of America, to murder, wound, and displace over 4.4 million people with absolutely no justification On March 20, 2003, G.W. Bush began the worst crime in American history. Over the next 4 years he would lead us, the people of America, to murder, wound, and displace over 4.4 million people with absolutely no justification — a terrorist act. By definition, that made us, the American people, the worst terrorist organization in the entire world for the years 2003-07. We were both the terrorists and the victims.

This is a story about truth and lies, justice and injustice. It is the chronicle of the twisted ideology of a privileged few who, for many years used massive fraud to con the public and hundreds of thousands of war victims into fighting a blood and guts war over an illusionary purpose, guided by their deliberately fraudulent public pretext.

This same fraud was intentionally employed by Bush et al to propagandize that questionable purpose, and to hide the actual truth of Bush's criminality. Bush et al did this by adopting his own set of "phony facts." The main one came from the neocon's phony 1996 Iraq attack plan, called Clean Break, that Bush had adopted in 1999. Bush told us its fraudulent myth that Iraq threatened to attack us with WMD, and that we urgently needed to attack them first to save ourselves from their claimed nuclear attack.

That intentional outright fraud was then presented to the American public in a massive and persuasive propaganda campaign. The whole country then made national decisions, logically based upon these "phony facts" of that fraud campaign. Those predictably misguided decisions led to premeditated criminal war on Iraq: a bloody disaster!

Unfortunately the public is relatively unaware of how truly dangerous "political phony facts" are. No lessons were ever learned from all the damage caused by Bush's "phony facts," because they were kept hidden from sight and sound, and by the absence of appropriate legal actions.

Tragically, the news media, Congress, and law enforcement could not and did not bring themselves to ever report or act on any of the actual Iraq criminal truth: either the unconscionable and extensive criminal results, or the well documented criminality of all those responsible. Instead, all public decisions and public opinions on the subject were based upon that deliberately false, uncorrected propaganda and Bush's "phony facts". Non-reporting of the early true criminal facts directly enabled the criminal public officials: Bush and Cheney, to be elected.

Bush's "phony facts" in the Clean Break plan were editorially endorsed as published by the Wall Street Journal (public domain) on July 10, 1996. Neocons publicly urged the same criminal Iraq war crime attack plan on Clinton in 1998 in full page, public domain news ads: Clinton declined. The news media's inattention to those facts directly enabled Bush's Iraq war!

But Bush hired that plan's lead author (Richard Perle) in 1999 as his campaign foreign policy advisor, then later in 2001 as his top war policy advisor. As a candidate Bush was tutored by neocons for 18 months in Iraq war policy. Bush's public criminal intentions went unreported by the news media, and the public has been kept in the dark ever since!

This is that outrageous, untold story: with detailed criminal facts, and documented proofs of guilt; together with the legal probable cause for investigation, and the legal definitions for the crimes and how they apply. This is the story of failed institutions, twisted politicians, unenforced oaths of office, mass obstruction of justice, and failure to protect the Constitution from its domestic enemies and probable accessories to murder after the fact.

The 40+, high level, known murderers of our brave soldiers and innocent Iraqi women and children, have been unlawfully protected from justice by two different presidents and the complete Congress for over 8 years. Not a pretty sight for the world's leading democracy, with a flaunted rule of law and our system of justice — both corrupted by political expediency.

This actual true, but inconceivable, unreported story is of an ex-President's deliberate mass murder of 4,450 American troops under his command, his severe wounding of another 650,000 US troops, and the murder by him of 800,000 innocent civilians during an ultimate $3 trillion unjustified, illegal war. This story is hundreds of magnitudes bigger in scope than all the Pentagon Papers, 2012 Election, and the Watergate Cover Up stories combined.


Suppressed by our Mainstream News Media For
Over 8 Years, And Still Counting.

This is true, fully documented reality -- not fiction. Unbelievable as it sounds; hard evidence from the public domain proves it within this book.

This book was crudely begun in early 2006, as a website on the internet, called Many disturbing facts about the Iraq war had been reported by several credible investigative authors. But all those sources, save one, and all mainstream news media reports ever, completely failed to mention the two most descriptive words about the whole Iraq war: Criminality and Murder.

According to the enclosed specific language of American law, as later amplified and described within by Vincent Bugliosi (prosecutor of Charles Manson), over 4,450 American soldiers were Murdered by Bush's unconscionable attack on Iraq, and another 650,000 were wounded in different ways.

Most of those wounded will require care from perhaps a million family members for the rest of their lives. By mid-2006, Bush's attack had also murdered over 800,000 Iraqi civilians, mostly babies, their siblings, and their mothers. That number is now approaching almost 2 million.

Why is it, 8 years after the crime, the mainstream news media has not reported one single word about Bush's fraud and murder regarding his Iraq bloody massacre?

Bush's whole crazy, bizarre story and compelling evidence of proof of his unconscionable crimes are fully documented within this book. Bush began his plot to attack Iraq in early 1999. His massive campaign of fear, fraud, and public brainwashing about Iraq began in early October 2001, just weeks after 9/11. Then the real tragedy began.

This book sets out to present that factual history, and the below listed Six Iron-Clad, Major Proofs of Bush et al's Guilt of Mass Murder in Iraq: "For the sake of truth and justice."