Legal Disclaimer

The contents of this book, in the Introduction and chapters 1 through 7 and the Addendum are entirely non-fiction. It is the factual story of how and why the United States unjustifiably attacked Iraq, and killed over 4,450 American soldiers, and over 800,000 innocent Iraqi civilians. The content and dialogues regarding, and depiction of, possible future events (post June 2011), written in chapter 8 are entirely FICTIONAL in nature. While actual names of real people are used, they are simply used as fictional characters in a work of pure fiction, in the author's opinion, and from his imagination.

The many references within factually describe the actions of GW Bush et al in convincing the US Congress to approve of that attack, and the words, statements, and actions they employed to accomplish that objective, as well as the actual attack on Iraq itself.

Two veteran government criminal prosecution attorneys are referenced to explain and describe the criminal laws on the subjects of fraud and murder, and the legal criteria for each. They, and the author, then compare those words and actions of Bush et al with the stated legal criteria for those two crimes: a comparison that appears, in both their and my opinions, to match exactly. All of Bush et al and the various Republicans named are persons or Polit. Parties in the public eye, and the libel laws do not apply to researched comments and opinions about them.

In this book the author repeatedly states his opinion of his belief that all the many references are telling the truth, and that Bush et al, again in his personal opinion, are in fact guilty of the two crimes of fraud and murder. In this book the author repeatedly refers to them and other Republicans as criminals, murderers, liars, and deliberate fabricators of criminal fraud. The author is expressing his personal opinions. Obviously, Bush et al (he and his co-conspirators) are not officially guilty of any of those crimes unless and until a court of law has made that ruling.

The author believes that the many "proofs of guilt" and "consciousness of guilt's" described within are factually true, but in any event they represent his personal opinions.

In this book the author repeatedly comments on the relative silence of the mainstream news media and mainstream investigative institutions in failing to report or act on the apparent facts of criminality of Bush et al over time. Again the author is expressing his own personal opinions regarding his feelings about their apparent lack of diligence in their professions and his personal opinion about those facts as being possibly "criminal".

The author's comments about the mainstream investigative institutions never once using the terms "criminal, fraud, or murder" in publicly describing the actions or descriptions of Bush et al between 1999 and the present is true to the best of his knowledge, it remains his personal opinion.

The author's comments about persons being coconspirators of Bush, the possibility of persons making themselves accessories after the fact to fraud or murder, domestic enemies of the constitution, and violating their own oaths of office, represent his personal opinions of their perceived behavior and the referenced facts.

The author's comments about the crimes of Bush et al he describes within as being the "worst crimes or criminals in American history," or the details of what he terms as "GOP Catastrophic Deception II" are expressing his belief that those are true statements, but are also expressing his personal opinions about the Republican Party.

The referenced facts of the history of the Iraq war are contained within, along with the author's comments, conclusions and opinions regarding those facts about Bush et al and the mainstream investigative institutions. The reader can make their own decision as to the relative validity of the author's comments, sources, his conclusions and his personal opinions.

The author, Richard Fults.